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Looking for an insanely fast rc boat but having a hard time finding one? Look no further than the UDI007. This is one of the fastest rc boats available. Here is our full review on the UDI007.

Equipped with safety features

We all know how accident-prone children can be. It is our duty to minimize such accidents as much as humanly possible. The manufacturers of this product also realize this need and therefore have added a safety feature to this boat.
This feature ensures that the sharp propellers operate only when placed in water. They automatically turn off when not in immediate contact with water. Such a characteristic prevents your children from injuring themselves from the sharp blades.

It is easy to control

No one, be it a child or an adult, likes to lose control. Therefore, both you and your kid will appreciate the easy usability of this product.
The transmitter allows you to easily control your boat as it sprints at a speed of 30 km/h and knocks other competing fast rc boats out of the race. Check out some other fast rc boat for sale here: http://rcboatguide.com/fastest-rc-boats/ While such a speed is high enough for children to be left satisfied, it is also moderate enough to ensure control. The 2.4 GHz transmitter not only allows for perfect controllability but also delivers an extended range.
• This product is to be used by children above the age of 14 years.
• This product can be steered left, right, forward and backward.
• It can easily make sharp turns.
• The low-battery alarm insures that you are not caught off guard by a draining battery.
• The product features a water cool system to enhance the durability of the motor.
• This boat is not meant to be used in salt water.
• It is accompanied by a USB charger and an extended battery life which allows your child to play uninterruptedly for 10 minutes.
• The product can be charged in various ways which add to the convenience of the product.
• It is accompanied by a self-correcting feature which allows the toy to flip back into its original position after being tipped over by the water currents.

Customer feedback

fast rc boatCustomers have lauded this product for its value-added features. Parents are particularly impressed with its safety features, which they believe, add to the overall appeal of the product. Moreover, they have praised the boat for its perfect size which enhances both portability and usability in indoor pools.
However, some believe that even after having an extended battery, the overall operational time is still less and children are left unsatisfied. Nonetheless, one must remember that most rc boats can only function for up to eight minutes and therefore, this product is not inferior to any other offering.

Ending Thoughts

All in all, this product succeeds in satisfying both parents and children alike. While parents value the product for its durability and inclusion of safety features, children have appreciated its stylish appearance and speed.
It, therefore, successfully caters to both of its intended customers. The product offers great value at a reasonable price, and one of the fastest rc boats out there. It is worth a try for those who are looking for a robust toy for their children.

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