Scale Model Flying Weight Information

*The weight shown is for the lightest set up possible. This means no pilot, no bomb drop, one small battery, the smallest engine (possibly a 2-stroke glow engine depending on the size of the model), no retracts, etc.

Most scale planes will require nose weight to fly. Many manufacturers including ESM have chosen to not lengthen the cowl or move back the wing to non-scale for CG purposes so that the models are as true to scale as possible. Nose weight is not included in the weight shown. Mounting the engine, battery, etc. as far forward as possible will decrease the nose weight required. Installation of a gas engine, and extending the engine as far forward as possible is recommended where possible.

Gas engines are heavier than glow engines, and require smaller fuel tanks, both of which helps the CG issue. When building any scale plane keep all available parts are far forward as possible.
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