ZDZ 420cc B4 Quad UAV engine with electronic ignition.

The ZDZ420B4-JS (no picture available) is an electric starter equipped ZDZ 420B4-J engine and is available by prepaid special order only. Please call for the latest pricing and more details.

The ZDZ 420B4-JSR pictured, is a starter equipped, reduction belt drive ZDZ 420B4-J. The reduction ratio is customized based on the customer’s requirements. A rear mounted 1Kw generator system will also be available. Call for the latest pricing and more details. Available by prepaid special order only.

I have heard that: “with enough power a barn door could be made to fly”. Well… folks should be securing their barn doors or they will be all at the local flying field soon with ZDZ 420 B4s mounted on them! This is the all new 420 with the improved Italian cylinders with extreme porting. These new cylinders, coupled with changes to the crankshaft and crankcase greatly increase the power and torque.

We now recommend the Biela 39×12 2-blade prop instead of the “tiny” 36×15. This pulls planes around up to 125 lbs with authority. For a three blade propeller we recommend the awesome Biela 36×16.

Engine Ignition Troubleshooting Info

JMB in-fuselage exhaust system currently in development, price TBD

“Check this out I have been building this thing for almost 10 months now. It is a 60% Bill Hemple extra just like my full size extra. It has a wing span of 180″ and has a 420 cc 4 cylinder motor in it. Yes a 420 quad yeh baby!!!! It weights almost 100 lbs.” -Brad



ZDZ Modelmotor is proud to announce their collaboration with a major Italian manufacturer to provide new state of the art cylinders on all new ZDZ engines. This hi-tech Italian company also provides engine parts for motorbikes and automobiles and specializes in plating technology.

The new cylinders feature a new enhanced high strength aluminum alloy with a bead blasted finish for optimum cooling. A durable Nikasil plated cylinder liner is computer honed to an exacting tolerance providing a perfectly round barrel for improved lubrication, compression and of course, higher power output. They are also much less prone to scratching, peeling, overheating or seizure. This equates to a significant increase in engine longevity with a high level of sustained performance.

For those of you familiar with ZDZ engines and their reputation for extreme power to weight ratios with lightning fast throttle response afforded by rotary valve induction, this is great news!

ZDZ Modelmotor wants to be your only choice for innovative high quality European engines!

Engine Selection Chart
Engine Dimension Chart


Recommended Starting Procedure for ZDZ Engines

All ZDZ engines that use a rotary valve with fixed induction timing must use a unique starting procedure as compared to their piston ported or reed valve inducted counterparts.

The starting procedure described below is most commonly referred to as the “5, 5 and 1” method. It is the preferred way to start a ZDZ engine once the carb has been primed.
For brand new engines, a richer low speed needle setting of approx. 2-1/2 turns out is required for initial fuel draw.

Step 1
With the Choke completely closed and the Ignition system OFF, advance the throttle to full open, Flip the prop smartly 5 times.

Step 2
Open the Choke completely, Leave the ignition system in the OFF position, leave the throttle at full open, and flip the prop smartly 5 more times.

Step 3


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