Rotomotor 35FS, 35cc four stroke single gasoline engine with electronic ignition

Now is the time to take advantage of our great intro pricing!

Troy Built Models has selected the Rotomotor 35FS single cylinder four stroke engine to introduce customers to the Rotomotor experience.
We feel very confident you will agree this is the finest single cylinder four stroke gasoline model aircraft engine available.

The goal for the new 35FS four stroke engine was simple.
It must be easy to start, develop very good power, be fuel efficient, operate quietly and be extremely reliable.
Well, they succeeded!
Just look at the exploded parts diagram and you will see there is an extraordinary amount of technology packed into this little gem of an engine.
It truly belies its simple lines and clean exterior!

The Roto 35 FS is very powerful and will easily surprise you. It will swing a 20×10 two blade prop at 6000rpm generating approximately 17lbs of thrust.**
We recommend the Roto 35 FS for any 1.20 plus sized warbird up to 20lbs or in 25-27% aerobatic aircraft up to 15lbs.
Doing all of this while providing extreme fuel economy with very quiet operation makes it a “no brainer” solution to its thirsty and noisy two stroke cousins.

The supplied standard header will offer minimal noise levels by itself, but if you really want to quiet the engine down we recommend using the optional FS muffler.
We recommend thoroughly reading the manual as supplied under the “Manuals” tab. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.

This is a very exciting introduction to our engine lineup!
Act now to take advantage of our special introductory pricing!

**a proper and adequate break in is required

Our intial order of Rotomotor FS engines has been received and shipped and so far the response has been exceptional.
TBM is now the official Rotomotor distributor within the USA.
TBM will be the Service and Support center for Rotomotor FS engines and will honor all factory warranties for Rotomotor engines purchased through TBM.


BORE 39,5 mm
WEIGHT 1 790 g / 3.94lb
Ignition: 4.8 � 6v *Battery Information
Fuel GAS + OIL MOTUL 600 1:40
Fuel Consumption (Approx.) 20×10 2-blade prop at approx 6000rpm- 0.68oz/min, 40.42oz/hr (1.2L/hr)
RPM rpm 1200 – 6000 with propeller 20/10″
PROPELLERS 2-Blade: 20×10
3-Blade: 18″


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