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RCS 250cc 7 Cylinder Radial Scale Engine with Electronic Ignition

RCS 250cc 7 Cylinder Radial Scale Engine with Electronic Ignition

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Model Airplane News Dec 2007

Yes, these are the sweetest engines in all of RC. They look real and they sound real. There is no mistaking the sound. Check out the videos under the videos tabs. If these engines don't give you chills, you need to find a different hobby. They are very reliable as well! You might think with a multitude of pushrods and special ignition that they would be unreliable, but they are not! They take more care and maintenance, but the results are well worth it. Just ask all the top modelers who fly them. We also offer a host of excellent propellers from Biela, TBM, MSC, Mejzlik, PT Models, Xoar and others. We offer 2-blade, 3-blade and even 4-blade props which not only look scale but offer high performance.

These engines turn very low rpm's, just like the real thing. The props are high pitch, up to 22" to keep the rpm down and the speed up.

When you come roaring by with your earth shaking Corsair, P-47 or other beauty, everyone will be watching and listening.

Each engine is hand crafted in Hungary for the best engine in RC. If you are in need of repairs, TBM has parts and repair technicians available to get you back into the air fast.

The RCS engines are supplied with an electronic computer controlled auto advance ignition. This ignition is rather unique, as the high voltage coils are mounted in the rear of the engine and the control unit connects to them with a multi-pin connector and only low voltage DC current is conducted in this cable. Each plug has its own high voltage coil so; there is no need for a pesky distributor. The timing sensor is also located inside the engine. The net result of this great arrangement is a neat installation that is quite compact. The ring collector exhaust system, shown in the photos, is standard equipment.

Out of Stock? RCS engines are in such high demand that they cannot keep up with demand. We try to keep an inventory of engines on hand, but we are sold out quite often. Please put one on backorder if you are interested in one so that you will be on the list. If you do not get on the list, it may be a long time before we actually have engines in stock.

These engines take a long time to build and each engine is run to ensure quality product. They cannot build them more quickly and maintain the quality level. Thank you for your understanding.

Engine Ignition Troubleshooting Info
Displacement 252cc
Power -
RPM Range -
Bore -
Stroke -
Weight -
Fuel/Ratio 89-93 Octane Synthetic Oil Only 32:1 for break In, 40:1, 50:1
Ignition 4.8v-6v Microprocessor Auto Advance *Battery Information
Break-in Propellers -
2-Blade Propellers 32 x 16/18/19
3-Blade Propellers 28x16, 30x16

  • Designed and engineered in Germany
  • Manufactured by RCS in Hungary
  • CNC machined to exacting tolerances
  • Utilizes a 2 cycle oil mix to lubricate all internal parts, connecting rod bearings and valves guides
  • Cylinder heads use an over head valve design with hemispherical combustion chambers
  • Axial cam ring is driven by a dual set of steel planetary gears directly from the crankshaft
  • Pushrods and rocker arms are exposed for easy maintenance, inspection and lubrication
  • Nose mounted air pump provides a pressure pulse to operate the carburetor pump section
  • Centrally mounted rear carburetor is housed within the back plate mount
  • Auto advancing electronic ignition uses a hall sensor and a magnetic switch to sense the 10 cam ring magnets to provide proper timing information
  • Individual high voltage coils are housed within the rear engine case
  • Integrated collector ring exhaust includes dual outlets, one each at 5 and 7 o'clock and a hard point at 12 o'clock for smoke injector installation (" ID high temp silicone or stainless spiral wrap tubing is recommended for exhaust extensions)

Allied countries of the United States regarding shipment of any products from TBM

WARNING - Gasoline and Turbine powered R/C model aircraft are not manufactured to withstand unlimited G's. Any R/C model aircraft can fail, be it a wing folding up or a fuselage breaking in half under too high of a load. Just as any full size aircraft, model R/C aircraft have a maximum G rating. Because you are not in the plane flying it and experiencing the G's and reading the G-meter, it is more difficult to judge the G's on the aircraft, and it is very easy to exceed the limits of the aircraft. Understand that if you perform a snap roll, parachute, wall, blender, knife edge loop, or pull hard on the elevator at almost any speed, you can be putting in excess of 15 G's, even in excess of 30 G's, and most aircraft can only designed to take 10-12 G's. If you perform any violent maneuver, you can break your plane. When I perform hard maneuvers, especially for the first time on an airframe, I am prepared for a failure and am prepared for it as best I can be. This mainly includes performing the maneuver far enough away from spectators that in event of a failure that I am not endangering others. In addition, be prepared for the manufacturer to not pay for a new airframe which is broken during flight. It is common practice for any manufacturer to not replace an airframe which breaks in the air or upon landing. I have only seen manufacturers replace airframes when they have received many of the same failures and the manufacturer determines that there was a design or manufacturing error. If you break an airframe, and you are the only one to do so, then it is probably not the fault of the manufacturer. Please fly safely, and avoid full throttle operation other than at low airspeeds.

R/C model jets, warbirds, aerobatic planes, DJI S1000 Octocopter, and UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to name a few are not a toy! If misused, it can cause serious bodily harm and property damage. Fly only in open areas, and AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) approved flying sites. Follow all manufacturer instructions included with your plane, radio, servo's, batteries and engine. Aircraft manufacturers guarantees each kit to be free from defects in both material and workmanship at the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any component assembled by the customer. All parts of high stress must be inspected and reinforced if necessary by a competent builder. Some parts should be glued again. High stress areas such as firewalls, motor boxes, wing mounts, landing gear mounts, etc., are areas of high concern. Seek help if necessary. In not case shall TBM be liable for the cost of any product it offers which is not manufactured by TBM. The liability to the manufacturer cannot exceed the original cost of the purchased item. Further, TBM reserves the right to change or modify this warranty without notice. In that TBM has no control over the final assembly or materials used for final assembly, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any damage resulting from the use by the user of the final user-assembled product. By the act of using the user assembled product, the user accepts all resulting liability. The kit manufacturers have provided you with a top quality, thoroughly tested kit and instructions, but ultimately the quality and fly ability of your finished model depends on how you build it; therefore, we cannot in any way guarantee the performance of your completed model, and no representations are expressed or implied as to the performance or safety of your completed model. It is the user's responsibility to inspect each component for worthiness.