JetCat SPT5 Turbo Prop Turbine engine 55 lb thrust with internal kero start – Call to order!

JetCat Warranty

Thrust: 55 lbs with 27″ prop at 7,000 RPM
Weight: 4.9 LB, incl. starter
Length: 15.25 inches
Turbine RPM Range: 50,000 – 165,000
Propeller RPM Range: 1500 – 7000 RPM
Exhaust gas temp.: 580�C -710�C
Fuel consumption: 8 oz per/min at full power
Fuel: Jet A1, 1-K kerosene
Lubrication: approximately 5% synthetic turbine oil in the fuel
Maintenance interval: 25 hours

JetCat SPT5A turbo-prop complete with starter includes:

  • Jet-tronic ECU (fuel control electronics)
  • GSU (Display and Programmer)
  • LED I/O board
  • Miniature fuel pump
  • Electronic starting gas valve
  • Electronic Fuel valve
  • Fuel tubing, tubing connector set, filters, and cable set
  • 6 cell, 1250mA battery pack
  • Starting gas tank
  • Turbine mounting clamp and front mounting flange included
  • Both shafts are electronically monitored and controlled
  • Drive exhibits very low vibrations
  • Compact, high efficiency planetary drive system
  • Low maintenance lubrication system Integrated cooling fan propeller
  • Detailed instruction manual
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