ARFMFG 70 SBACH 342 V1 ARF Color A 60.3″ Wingspan Radio Control (R/C) Aerobatic Model Airplane

ARFMFG 70 SBACH 342 V1 ARF Color A 60.3″ Wingspan Radio Control (R/C) Aerobatic Model Airplane

ARF MFG has been producing high quality aerobatic planes for several years. They are very high quality planes on a par with the other better manufacturers. They are scale in shape which typically makes them tail heavy (like most planes), so keep your batteries on the firewall. These are Version 1 planes which have aluminum landing gear and nice quality Chinese covering which keeps the cost down.

The covering is cut with a laser for high accuracy and great looks. The finish of the planes is very good. The hinging is typically pin hinges which are already glued in place where possible. The horizontal stabilizers slide into the fuselage and are glued permanently in plane so the elevators are not hinged.

Rudders do not have glued hinges, though the hinges are fitted and are ready for glue to make the box size smaller to reduce shipping costs. A fuel tank is built and installed. A fuel filler and fuel line is not included. All in all it is an excellent plane.

Servos recommended are MKS-DS450, HD-1501 or HS645 for sport flying. Use HS5625, HS-5645, DS-1210 or HD-8309TG for 3D flying


Wingspan 60.3″(1530mm)
Length 58.5″ (1490mm)
Wing Area (
Flying Weight 5-5.5lbs (2300-2500g)
Electric 4-5s LiPo, 60A Speed Control, 900-1200 Watt Motor
Example: E-Flight power 46 or 600kv 13×8 to 14×10 prop
Radio 4 Channels minimum 4 to 5 servos
Servo Recommendation: SERVO RECOMMENDATION: The Sbach 70 has mounts for standard size servos. We recommend the Hitec HS-645 or the Power HD-1501 servo. You can save some weight by gluing scrap plywood to close the hole down a little to fit smaller sized servos like the Hitec HS225 or the Hitec HS-5245.
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