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ZDZ Gas Engines


Here you will find ourZDZ Engines.

ZDZ® Giant Scale Gas Engines are proudly made in the Czech Republic by ZDZ® Modelmotor s.r.o.. These engines have been designed from scratch for RC Model Aircraft. No industrial engine or chain saw parts are used. Many years ago the ZDZ® ModelMotor engineering staff was given the daunting task of designing a family of gasoline model airplane engines that must meet many conflicting specifications: Lightweight, Powerful, Low vibration levels, Fuel efficient, Reliable, Long service life and be easy to manufacture. They succeeded!

Most ZDZ engines have rotary valves*. This is one of the main reasons for the incredible throttle response, smoothness and power of ZDZ RC gas engines. Most engineering experts agree that the rotary valve has brought the two-cycle engine its highest degree of efficiency and performance.

Troy Built Models is the North American distributor for ZDZ® engines. We have a dedicated Service Center and maintain a very comprehensive inventory of parts to meet most service issues in a timely manner. Our Service and Support team is very experienced and can help you diagnose or repair your engine should the need arise.

*ZDZ 80R2, 100R2, 120R2, 160R2, 210R2 inline engines and the 210B2-J and 420B4-J opposed engines use reed valves

ZDZ Engines General Manual.pdf - 357KB

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What does the -J mean for the ZDZ engines?


ZDZ Modelmotor is proud to announce their collaboration with a major Italian manufacturer to provide new state of the art cylinders on all new ZDZ engines. This hi-tech Italian company also provides engine parts for motorbikes and automobiles and specializes in plating technology.

The new cylinders feature a new enhanced high strength aluminum alloy with a bead blasted finish for optimum cooling. A durable Nikasil plated cylinder liner is computer honed to an exacting tolerance providing a perfectly round barrel for improved lubrication, compression and of course, higher power output. They are also much less prone to scratching, peeling, overheating or seizure. This equates to a significant increase in engine longevity with a high level of sustained performance.

For those of you familiar with ZDZ engines and their reputation for extreme power to weight ratios with lightning fast throttle response afforded by rotary valve induction, this is great news!

ZDZ Modelmotor wants to be your only choice for innovative high quality European engines!

Engine Selection Chart

Engine Model Displacement & Configuration Minimum Aerobatics Sport Aerobatics Extreme Aerobatics*
ZDZ® 40 F3A 40cc Single up to 20 lbs. 15-17 lbs. <14 lbs.
ZDZ® 40 RV 40cc Single up to 20 lbs. 15-17 lbs. <14 lbs.
ZDZ® 40 RE 40cc Single up to 20 lbs. 15-17 lbs. <14 lbs.
ZDZ® 50 NG 50cc Single up to 23 lbs. 15-18lbs <15 lbs.
ZDZ® 60 RV 60cc Single up to 26 lbs. 16-19 lbs <17 lbs.
ZDZ® 90RV-J 90cc Single up to 35 lbs 22-28 lbs. <25 lbs.
ZDZ® 80 B2 80cc Twin up to 30 lbs. 21-25 lbs. <22.5 lbs.
ZDZ® 80 R2 80cc Inline Twin up to 30 lbs. 21-25 lbs. <22.5 lbs.
ZDZ® 100 NG 100cc Twin up to 35 lbs. 22-28 lbs. <25 lbs.
ZDZ® 100 R2 100cc Inline Twin up to 35 lbs. 22-28 lbs. <25 lbs.
ZDZ® 120 B2 120cc Twin up to 40 lbs. 30-32 lbs <31 lbs.
ZDZ® 150 R3 150cc Inline Triple up to 45 lbs. 30-40 lbs. <31 lbs.
ZDZ® 160B2-J 160cc Twin 50 + lbs. 36-42 lbs <40 lbs.
ZDZ® 180B2-J 180cc Twin 55 + lbs. 42-52lbs <42 lbs.
ZDZ® 210B2-J 210cc Twin 55 + lbs. 52+ lbs <45 lbs.
ZDZ® 210R2-J 210cc Inline Twin 55 + lbs. 52+ lbs <45 lbs.
ZDZ® 420B4-J 420cc Quad 65 lbs. and up
RCS 50 VT 45cc Single up to 20 lbs. 15-17 lbs. <14 lbs.
RCS 100 BVT 100cc Twin up to 40 lbs. 20-30 lbs. <20lbs.
RCS 150 150cc Radial up to 40 lbs. 30-32 lbs. <31 lbs.
RCS 215 215cc Radial 55 + lbs. NA NA
RCS 250 250cc Radial 55 + lbs. NA NA
RCS 400 400cc Radial 55 + lbs. NA NA

Engine Dimension Chart

Engine Model A B C D E F
ZDZ® 40RV 116 148 134 18060 x 6072 x 50
ZDZ® 40 RE Rear 116148 134 18060 x 6072 x 50
ZDZ® 50NG 120152 136 18070 x 7072 x 50
ZDZ® 60RV 130160 152 200 75 x 7584 x 59
ZDZ® 80RV 130160 152 210 80 x 8084 x 59
ZDZ® 80RV-J 144170 168 216 93 x 80 90 x 63
ZDZ® 80B2RV 232 295 153 21060 x 6085 x 60
ZDZ® 100B2NG 238301 153 21070 x 7085 x 60
ZDZ® 120B2RV 260320177 24075 x 7585 x 60
ZDZ® Super 160 290350190 26593 x 8090 x 63
ZDZ® 160 Champion 260320 177 24080 x 8085 x 60
ZDZ® 210 B2RV 315380190 27090 x 90100 x 90
ZDZ® 80/100R2 Inline 120152244 24970 x 7085 x 60
ZDZ® 160R2 Inline 130 135 268 29080 x 80 80 x 78
ZDZ® 420 315380310 33590 x 90110 x 110


ZDZ210-J Gas Engine with ignition. Reed valve with carb on bottom of engine version. NOT rotary valve.

ZDZ210-J Gas Engine with ignition. Reed valve with carb on bottom of engine version. NOT rotary valve.
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MSRP: $2099
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Item# (ZDZ210-JENGINE)


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WARNING - Gasoline and Turbine powered R/C model aircraft are not manufactured to withstand unlimited G's. Any R/C model aircraft can fail, be it a wing folding up or a fuselage breaking in half under too high of a load. Just as any full size aircraft, model R/C aircraft have a maximum G rating. Because you are not in the plane flying it and experiencing the G's and reading the G-meter, it is more difficult to judge the G's on the aircraft, and it is very easy to exceed the limits of the aircraft. Understand that if you perform a snap roll, parachute, wall, blender, knife edge loop, or pull hard on the elevator at almost any speed, you can be putting in excess of 15 G's, even in excess of 30 G's, and most aircraft can only designed to take 10-12 G's. If you perform any violent maneuver, you can break your plane. When I perform hard maneuvers, especially for the first time on an airframe, I am prepared for a failure and am prepared for it as best I can be. This mainly includes performing the maneuver far enough away from spectators that in event of a failure that I am not endangering others. In addition, be prepared for the manufacturer to not pay for a new airframe which is broken during flight. It is common practice for any manufacturer to not replace an airframe which breaks in the air or upon landing. I have only seen manufacturers replace airframes when they have received many of the same failures and the manufacturer determines that there was a design or manufacturing error. If you break an airframe, and you are the only one to do so, then it is probably not the fault of the manufacturer. Please fly safely, and avoid full throttle operation other than at low airspeeds.

R/C model jets, warbirds, aerobatic planes, DJI S1000 Octocopter, and UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to name a few are not a toy! If misused, it can cause serious bodily harm and property damage. Fly only in open areas, and AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) approved flying sites. Follow all manufacturer instructions included with your plane, radio, servo's, batteries and engine. Aircraft manufacturers guarantees each kit to be free from defects in both material and workmanship at the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any component assembled by the customer. All parts of high stress must be inspected and reinforced if necessary by a competent builder. Some parts should be glued again. High stress areas such as firewalls, motor boxes, wing mounts, landing gear mounts, etc., are areas of high concern. Seek help if necessary. In not case shall TBM be liable for the cost of any product it offers which is not manufactured by TBM. The liability to the manufacturer cannot exceed the original cost of the purchased item. Further, TBM reserves the right to change or modify this warranty without notice. In that TBM has no control over the final assembly or materials used for final assembly, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any damage resulting from the use by the user of the final user-assembled product. By the act of using the user assembled product, the user accepts all resulting liability. The kit manufacturers have provided you with a top quality, thoroughly tested kit and instructions, but ultimately the quality and fly ability of your finished model depends on how you build it; therefore, we cannot in any way guarantee the performance of your completed model, and no representations are expressed or implied as to the performance or safety of your completed model. It is the user's responsibility to inspect each component for worthiness.