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In Stock: Spyhawk FPV EPO Foam Airplane with Complete First Person Video System and Video Receiving Transmitter RTF Version 2

Free shipping in the contiguous US for a limited time!

The SpyHawk FPV (Version 2) is a complete and revolutionary new R/C First Person View system! With this FPV being ready to fly, you can save yourself the hassle of a complicated build process and installation. Glueing the tail is all that is required (to save on box size/shipping of course!).

Being that the SkyHawk is made of crash resistant foam AND has a built in stabilization system, beginners and seasoned pilots both will have a great FPV experience!

The SpyHawk FPV Ready To Fly Version 2 Package Includes:

  • SkyHawk 4 Channel Mini EPO Foam Glider
  • 5.8GHz FPV System with Recording Module & 4GB SD Card
  • 3 Axis flight stabilisation system to make flying easy and fun
  • 2.4GHz Radio Transmitter with a built in 5.8GHz video receiver and high resolution 3.5" Color LCD
  • 7.4V 650mAh LiPoly battery and balance charger
  • Spare propeller, user manual and glue
  • Version 2 Servos
  • Version 2 Larger Elevator
  • Version 2 Enhanced Cooling

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Posted by Tone

  • Deadstickcharlie

    I would like to know the specifications of the plane.  The only thing stated in your ad is “mini”…How big is it???

    • Anonymous

      Wing Span: 33.19″ (843mm)
      Overall Length: 24.29″ (617mm)
      Flying Weight: 6.35oz (180g)
      Flying time: around 30 mins
      Motor: C1404 Brushless KV3000
      Battery: 7.4V 450 mAh
      ESC: 6A
      Transmitter: 2.4Ghz 4 Channels vs 3.5″ LCD Monitor
      Video+Audio: 5.8Ghz Transmission
      Camera: 5M pixels camera included
      Live video distance: 400 meters
      OSD module included
      Auto-pilot module (Option H301A)
      Video Recording module (Option H301A)
      Memory Card:Micro SDHC class6 2G (Option)
      GPS return module (Option H301A)

  • Tgallagher1


    Question just so I am clear because your post contradicts what I have read on the web about this plane..

    Are you saying that you are selling V2 and it includes ** Auto-pilot module ** (Option H301A),Video Recording module (Option H301A), Memory Card:Micro SDHC class6 2G (Option), and ** GPS return module** (Option H301A) all included in your price of $329???

    I was under the impression that  ** Auto-pilot module ** (Option H301A) and  ** GPS return module** (Option H301A) were not even available yet.

    Please let us know.

  • Anonymous

    @924acd6565c65a7d488dbed5fa5336ff:disqus, thank you for your question.  I looked up/posted the specs quickly and GPS was at the end of the specs.  I’ve edited my post to stop any further confusion.  Their auto-pilot is the stabilization on the plane as far as I know.  The GPS option is not in this batch which we are selling.

  • Well if you are a top spy that airplane would be a nice thing to have. It’s an instabuy for the richer people however.

  • I would like to know if the DLE 60cc twin engine will fit into the ESM T-28 cowl without cutting holes in each side?

  • hawkkid000

    how can i turn of the auto pilot module. thanx

    • tbmmoderator

       One the V2 remote you should see a button on the left “Exit”.  Click this once to turn auto pilot on and off.  Also, the right button “Enter” will start and stop recording of video.

  • hawkkid000

    how much is it plus shipping

  • Jim Somerville

    I just put my Spy Hawk together and tried inserting the SD card but it will not click in. I am inserting with the metal bars facing up. I bought this in order to record my flights. Is there anything I can do.

    • tbmmoderator

      The metal should be facing up that is correct. The card should also be sliding in straight, if it’s diagonal then you are putting it in upside down. Please contact us via email for additional support!