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New NGH Engines – 35R and GT9 Gas Engines

NGH is a Chinese Manufacturer of very high quality small gasoline engines. Converting from glow to gas for smaller planes is now very feasible. The engines have been in existence for a few years and have been proven winners.

The GT9 is a 9cc, .52 cu in gas engine which is light weight and very powerful. It can be used on .40 to .52 sized airplanes normally using glow engines.

The GT9 is more reliable due to the spark plug instead of glow plug. It uses a 10x6 to 12x6 prop.

It weighs just over a pound including an IBEF (sold separately) to power the ignition.

NGH Engines GT9 9cc gasoline engine with electonic ignition

The NGH 35R is a proven engine with a proven design. There are many videos of the engine in action on YouTube. We have run the engine ourselves with great success.

NGH Engines 35R 35cc gasoline engine with electonic ignition

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