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DLE-30 Video from upcoming review in RC Sport Flyer Magazine with Mike Hoffmeister

Mike H. from RC Sport Flyer Magazine is churning his review of the DLE-30 out fast! Check out the video below of Mike H. actually test running the engine. From what we can see it's looking/sounding good so far!

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Posted by Tone

  • Mike

    Here's the video from Mike H. running the new DLE-30 we sent him to review. DLE has really done a great job with this engine. We look forward to your comments.

  • Krustyb12

    I have just run a little over a quart of gas through my DLE 30 on the ESM FW190.Easy starting and the top end has freed up in the last 10 minutes of just over 1 hour total time.Putting out heaps of thrust and no overheating issues with cowl off.I am looking forward to Maiden flight ,will have plenty of power in reserve even at this early stage of break in.

  • Casey

    Hey …. just wondering what prop you are running on your plane?

  • Anonymous

    I have a Bambula 18×8 wood on for running in and will switch up to a19x8 after the engine has run a couple of gallons of gas through as that is what the suggested procedure is on the engine listing info.Here’s the link to see the engine flying with this FW 190.rn