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DLE-30 First pictures from upcoming review in RC Sport Flyer Magazine with Mike Hoffmeister

We received an email yesterday about the progress of a review we have being done on the DLE-30. Mike Hoffmeister just received the Engine and has graciously allowed us to re-post these 'first look' pictures here for you to see!

This review will be in "RC Sport Flyer Magazine" so stay tuned and make sure you get yourself a copy!

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Posted by Tone

  • Williamfarrar

    My DLE-30 delivers great power, runs at high end as good as you would want an engine to perform. The only complaint I have is that it won't idle consistently, and often dies while airborne. After numerous dead stick landings, I am running the idle very high until on final approach, then reduce the idle 4 clicks. Sometimes the engine will continue to idle, but normally will quit prior to landing. Pretty frustrating!

  • Mike

    Do you have the current generation rear carb configuration or the previous generation pseudo side carb configuration DLE 30?