UDI007 Voyager Fast RC Boat Review -TBM

Looking for an insanely fast rc boat but having a hard time finding one? Look no further than the UDI007. This is one of the fastest rc boats available. Here is our full review on the UDI007.

Equipped with safety features

We all know how accident-prone children can be. It is our duty to minimize such accidents as much as humanly possible. The manufacturers of this product also realize this need and therefore have added a safety feature to this boat.
This feature ensures that the sharp propellers operate only when placed in water. They automatically turn off when not in immediate contact with water. Such a characteristic prevents your children from injuring themselves from the sharp blades.

It is easy to control

No one, be it a child or an adult, likes to lose control. Therefore, both you and your kid will appreciate the easy usability of this product.
The transmitter allows you to easily control your boat as it sprints at a speed of 30 km/h and knocks other competing fast rc boats out of the race. Check out some other fast rc boat for sale here: http://rcboatguide.com/fastest-rc-boats/ While such a speed is high enough for children to be left satisfied, it is also moderate enough to ensure control. The 2.4 GHz transmitter not only allows for perfect controllability but also delivers an extended range.
• This product is to be used by children above the age of 14 years.
• This product can be steered left, right, forward and backward.
• It can easily make sharp turns.
• The low-battery alarm insures that you are not caught off guard by a draining battery.
• The product features a water cool system to enhance the durability of the motor.
• This boat is not meant to be used in salt water.
• It is accompanied by a USB charger and an extended battery life which allows your child to play uninterruptedly for 10 minutes.
• The product can be charged in various ways which add to the convenience of the product.
• It is accompanied by a self-correcting feature which allows the toy to flip back into its original position after being tipped over by the water currents.

Customer feedback

fast rc boatCustomers have lauded this product for its value-added features. Parents are particularly impressed with its safety features, which they believe, add to the overall appeal of the product. Moreover, they have praised the boat for its perfect size which enhances both portability and usability in indoor pools.
However, some believe that even after having an extended battery, the overall operational time is still less and children are left unsatisfied. Nonetheless, one must remember that most rc boats can only function for up to eight minutes and therefore, this product is not inferior to any other offering.

Ending Thoughts

All in all, this product succeeds in satisfying both parents and children alike. While parents value the product for its durability and inclusion of safety features, children have appreciated its stylish appearance and speed.
It, therefore, successfully caters to both of its intended customers. The product offers great value at a reasonable price, and one of the fastest rc boats out there. It is worth a try for those who are looking for a robust toy for their children.

Find Hobby Shops Near Me


(***select state) Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Deleware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine ,Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont ,Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Washington D.C.

hobby shop near meAre you looking for a new hobby? Or do you want to develop a hobby you already have? Hobby shops can be very helpful in attaining either of these goals. Simply defined, a hobby shop is a store that sells recreational items for hobbyists. It doesn’t matter whether or not you already have a hobby, you can always get more material for your hobby at these shops. You might even find another hobby to add on to that which you already have.

There are many types of hobby shops. Some concentrate on selling items for collectors, while others are more technology- oriented. If I wanted to develop a new hobby, it would be easiest if I looked for hobby shops near me. This is because a hobby shop near me is likely to be equipped with all the material I need for my chosen hobby, which can be immensely time saving for me.

Types of Hobby Shops You Can Find

1. Shops that sell collectibles

If I am interested in collecting specific items, say stamps or dolls, this kind of shops would be most useful to me. Keeping a collection of coins or stamps is anything but easy. Lack of the items can be discouraging, and this might make you give up on your hobby. But with the many hobby shops near my location, keeping such a collection is made a tad easier.

2. Modeling shops

Modeling shops are some of the most popular hobby shops near here. This comes as no surprise given how engaging and thrilling it is to drive remote controlled cars. The element of competition has also played a role in popularizing the rc car hobby shop near me. It is not only rc car hobby shops near me that are popular, but the train hobby shops near me are equally popular. Model train hobby shops near me owe their popularity to the fact that controlling the model trains is an activity that can be enjoyed by people all ages. Hobby model shops near me are generally flocked all year round as proof of just how popular these hobbies are.

3. Computer Shops

Another type of hobby shops near my location is computer hobby shops. These shops generally offer computer- related items. They sell computers themselves, specific software and also offer certain services. Some of the hobbies that you can grow with help from computer hobby shops include website design, video making and editing as well as photo making. You can also learn valuable computer skills from some of these shops.

4. Game Shops

Another set of hobby shops are gaming shops. From these shops, you can purchase equipment for playing certain games. Say for instance you want to better you skills in scrabble, or to hone your skill in chess. You could simply visit a gaming shop and purchase all the required material. You can also buy jigsaw puzzles from these shops as well as cards.

Why Should You have a Hobby?

close hobby shopsHobbies are immensely important in any person’s life. They are commonly defined as activities that one engages in during their free time. If you have nothing to engage in when you are free, then without doubt you will often have a void that needs to be filled. There are many reasons why you should seek to develop a hobby, some of which include:

1. Hobbies are Fun

Because hobbies are engaged in during one’s free time, and because they are usually optional, they are often fun. The reason why rc hobby shops near me are always crowded is because these activities are more than electrifying. Every rc hobby shop near me boasts a huge clientele because people usually have a good time playing these games. There are rc car hobby shops near me that specialize in selling toy cars for kids, while other hobby shop rc cars near me are meant for adult hobbyists only. Of course, the more complex games are even more engaging and entertaining for adults, which explains why many love the hobby.

2. Hobbies Help Build Confidence

There are some hobbies that require commitment to a project or task until completion. Say for instance you take up painting as a hobby. When you do finish a drawing, there is a feeling of deep satisfaction and great confidence in self that comes with the accomplishment of the task. The same goes for modeling as a hobby. I like visiting rc hobby shops near my location with the sole purpose of upgrading my equipment to be able to improve my modeling skills. Radio control hobby shops near me also keep me updated with the going ons in the modeling world, which certainly plays a part in making me better at the hobby.

3. Help you Relax

If you are stressed out from work, engaging in a hobby can help reduce your stress levels. Sometimes, all you need to do is engage in a different activity that you like in order to recharge and be able to face all of life’s challenges. Local hobby shops near me provide me with an escape from the harsh realities of the world. An hour spent at hobby shops near my location is all I need in order to get rid of stress. There are so many interesting things to see and learn at the closest hobby shop near me. The remote control hobby shop near me offers many diverse kinds of rc cars, and learning the properties of each helps me relax.

4. Are an Opportunity to socialize

Hobbies also present perfect opportunities to socialize. This is particularly helpful to you who are shy or if you have a hard time meeting new people. I find hobby shops near me always full of people. And since most of these shops help nurture one specific hobby, it is obvious that all the people in that shop share at least one similar aspect. There is nothing easier than striking a conversation about something you love with someone who loves it too. Take for instance the rc hobby shops near here. It is clear that most people who visit it have a common interest in remote controlled cars. it is very easy for them to converse about the cars with perfect strangers, and they end up meeting many people that way.

5. You get to develop skills

Hobbies are not just activities to be enjoyed. You never know when the skills you learn through your hobby might come in handy. Locator hobby shops near me offer myriad different activities, and you can learn many different skills using the equipment sold in these shops. Sometimes, a skill you develop because of your hobby might even end up being your primary source of income.


Hobbies are important. They help you combat stress, learn new skills, meet new people and ultimately, have a great time. Keep nurturing your hobby, or develop one and you will certainly have a great time.

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New Top 5 Best Automotive Glass Cleaners with Reviews – 2017

different parts of the vehicles windows Household window cleaners simply aren’t designed to meet the cleaning needs of your automotive glass. It’s frustrating finishing an excellent detail or polish on your paintwork and then having to look at a streaky windscreen. It’s also frightening to endanger your life because of sun glare on that streaky windscreen. By choosing a high quality automotive glass cleaner, you can improve the appearance of your car, prevent chemical damage and, most importantly, help to ensure your safety on the road.


Quality automotive glass cleaners differ from those designed for household windows in that they contain no ammonia or other harmful chemicals which can break down tints, rubber seals and the leather or vinyl interior of your car. The best glass cleaners use gentler chemicals and perfume grade alcohol to protect the delicate parts of your car while still giving your windscreen an effective clean.
Automotive glass cleaners come in a number of different forms including concentrates, aerosol sprays, trigger bottles and disposable wipes. Aerosols and triggers are excellent for people who are pressed for time but require a streak-free finish, concentrates take a little more time but will clean large areas of glass effectively and mean that you’ve always got a supply on hand. Pre-treated wipe glass cleaners are newer to the market but early reviews suggest that they are convenient to use and produce a satisfactory result.

Read on to find out why using household window cleaners isn’t safe for you or for your car!


Improve your Visibility for Driving:
Having a clear view of the road at all times is the most important safety consideration while driving and a dirty, streaky windscreen can prevent this. When the sun hits a streaky windscreen, visibility can be drastically reduced. When you operate your wipers on a dirty windscreen, the mess is smeared everywhere and driving in slippery conditions becomes even more hazardous. A completely clear, streak-free windscreen is essential for your safety.

Improve the Appearance of your Car:
If you like to spend time washing, cutting, polishing and waxing your car, you should definitely also be paying attention to your windscreen. Clear, gleaming glass will put the finishing touch on perfect paintwork. The best glass cleaners should make glass so clear that you hardly know it’s there.

Do the Job Once for a Streak-Free Finish:
Modern life is busy. You don’t want to be returning to your windscreen again and again because you “missed a spot”. A quality automotive glass cleaner should provide a completely streak-free finish the first time you use it without hours of rubbing and buffing.

Will Not Damage Tints, Wipers and Interior Fixtures:
High quality automotive glass cleaners do not contain ammonia. This is a benefit because ammonia will slowly deteriorate any tints on your windows or windscreen and could also cause damage to rubber seals and your car’s interior. Choosing a product that is specially designed for use with cars will mean that your car is protected from unnecessary damage.


Does it Contain Harmful Chemicals?
Carefully read the ingredients of the product. If there’s any hint of ammonia, you should avoid using it on your car. Other aspects to look for are whether any alcohol used is of perfume grade and whether all chemicals used are non-toxic and environmentally safe.

What are your Car’s Specific Needs?
If your car has tinted glass, you will need to be doubly careful about the chemical ingredients of the glass cleaner you choose. You should also take into account whether you intend to use it on the interior as well as the exterior (you need more control for interior cleaning and may want to consider a trigger bottle or disposable wipes). The area of glass you have to clean and the type of mess that ends up on the glass is also important: aerosol cleaners are great for city cars with day to day dust and grime while utility vehicles are better with a heavy duty concentrate.

How Much Time do you Have for Car Washing?
In addition, the time you want to spend cleaning your car will affect your choice. For some of us, cleaning the car is a Saturday ritual and time and loving attention are taken on every aspect. For others, washing the windscreen is simply a practical safety matter and should be done as quickly as possible. Disposable wipes are an attractive option for the latter, while the former may prefer the precision and control of mixing their own concentrate.

Is it from a Reputable Brand with Favorable Customer Reviews?
Taking the time to peruse what real customers say about a product will tell you a lot about its quality and effectiveness. Below are 5 of the top rated glass cleaners on the current market and a brief review of why customers trust these products with their windscreens.

Reviews of the Top 5 Automotive Window Cleaners for 2017

1. SprayWay 050 Aerosol Glass Cleaner:

SprayWay Glass Cleaner

SprayWay Glass Cleaner

This cleaner is ranked number 1 because after more than 300 customer reviews it maintains an impressive 4.8 out of 5 star rating. It is completely ammonia free and promises to dissolve dirt, dust and grime without deteriorating parts of your car or leaving film or streaks on the surface. Customers who reviewed it said it was fast, easy and effective to use.

2. Stoner 91164 Invisible Glass Cleaner:

Stoner 91164 Invisible Glass Cleaner

Stoner 91164 Invisible Glass Cleaner

This product, also an aerosol, comes a close second because it has an overall rating of 4.7 stars after nearly 500 reviews. It does not contain soaps, perfumes, dyes or ammonia. Stoner’s promise to their customers is that glass will be so clean it’s invisible and more than 80% of its customers were so satisfied with the way it lived up to this promise that they rated it the full 5 stars.

3. Rain-X Glass Treatment Trigger:

 Rain-X Glass Treatment Trigger

Rain-X Glass Treatment Trigger

This product is very popular among people who live in colder areas or those with high rainfall as it contains agents that repel rain and significantly improve wet weather driving conditions. After nearly 400 reviews, it maintains a 4.6 star consumer rating.

4. Megiuar’s D12001 Glass Cleaner Concentrate:

Megiuar's D12001 Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Megiuar’s D12001 Glass Cleaner Concentrate

People with large vehicles that need frequent cleaning love this heavy duty concentrate and its users give it an average rating of 4.6 stars. It is a professional grade product that can deal with bug spatter, bird droppings, dust, grime, mud and anything else that ends up on automotive glass.

5. Stoner 90164-6PK ‘Invisible Glass’ Glass Cleaner Wipes:

Stoner 90164-6PK 'Invisible Glass' Glass Cleaner Wipes

Stoner 90164-6PK Glass Cleaner Wipes

This product is fairly new to the market, so it doesn’t have the volume of reviews that the other products do. But the fact that its first 6 reviewers all rate it the full 5 stars is a promising sign of its quality. It aims to combine the effectiveness of Stoner’s trusted streak-free clean with the convenience of a pre-treated wipe.

New Reviews 5 Best Car Waxes and Sealants For Pro Detailing 2017

If cleaning and detailing your car is a weekend ritual for you and you want a glossy finish and lasting protection then a quality car wax is worth your investment. Car waxes are the final step in the cleaning, polishing and detailing process. After cleaning with a car wash soap and cutting with a polishing compound, applying a wax coating will leave your car with a glossy finish and protect it from rust and damage. Read on to find out how choosing the best car wax will protect your car from the elements and keep your paintwork looking great.


Car waxes come in a number of forms including pastes, liquids and sprays. A common ingredient in high quality car waxes is Carnauba wax, which produces a high gloss and leaves a durable protective coating. Companies such as Meguiar’s and Turtle Wax have spent many years developing car waxes which work effectively to improve the appearance and protect the finish of automotive paintwork.

Some waxes are “cleaner waxes” which combine a polishing compound with the application of a wax sealant. These waxes contain abrasive materials for cutting and combine two steps into one. Other waxes are “finishing waxes” which give your car a shining aesthetic and apply the protective coating without the abrasive process.

Keep reading to find out more about how a quality car wax will protect the appearance and longevity of your paintwork and how to choose the best one for your car.


Super Shiny Paintwork:
Applying a wax coating to your paintwork will leave it with a glossy, wet-look finish. Whether you choose a cleaner wax or a finishing wax, it will result in a shiny car that you’ll be proud to drive.

Protection from Damage:
There’s a little more to waxing than just the aesthetic benefits. The wax acts as a sealant to protect your car from rust and other damage so that it’s safer to drive and maintains its value for longer.

Repel Water and Protect from UV Rays:
Water and wax don’t mix. The wax coating will cause water to bead and run off your car, preventing ugly water spots and deterioration. High quality waxes also contain UV protection to stop paintwork from fading.

A Longer Lasting Finish:
Quality waxes promise a longer lasting, more even result so that you can keep a new car looking new or give an older car a fresh lease on life.


What Kind of Paintwork Do You Have?
If your car is brand new and there are no surface scratches, then a finishing wax is the right choice for you. If your car is older and the paint is dull or you have surface scratches then you might consider combing the cutting and waxing steps by selecting a cleaner wax.

What Other Products are You Using?
Choosing one range of car care products and using soap, polishing compound and wax from that manufacturer can be a good idea as there’s a risk that products could react with each other. High quality automotive products are designed to work together so work out which best suits your purposes and buy products in that range.

How Much Time Do You Have?
If you have limited time and want a quick protective coating and high shine then a spray on wax can be applied quickly and conveniently. If you have more time on your hands and enjoy the process of polishing and waxing your car, then a rub-on wax paste or liquid is an excellent choice.

What Do Other Customers Say?
Brands become well known for a reason. When hundreds of customers have tried a product and had favorable outcomes, it’s a very good indication of the quality of that product. Below we take a look at 5 of the most popular car waxes on the market and why customers love them.


1. Green Clean Automotive – Quick Wax Superior – Powerful and Effective Spray for All Automotive Finishes:

This product is currently the highest rated car wax on Amazon.com. It has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars after nearly 170 reviews and customers love the easy application spray bottle and the sparkly result they get. The company prides itself on making environmentally friendly products and this wax is highly effective without harsh solvents or other damaging chemicals. Even the packaging and bottle are made from 100% recyclable materials.

2. P21S Concours Carnauba Wax:

This product comes a close second because, after more than 160 customer reviews, it maintains an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. It is a rub on finishing wax with no abrasives or additives. Buyers are impressed with the way that it rubs on easily and evenly and doesn’t leave a chalky residue.

3. Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax:

From one of the most trusted brands in automotive care, this product has an average consumer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars after more than 450 reviews. Customers frequently comment on the high shine and durability of the finish. The patented ThinFilm technology makes the liquid easy to apply quickly and evenly and leaves a lasting protective coating. Even professional detailers swear by this product.

4. Meguiar’s G7014J Gold Class Carnauba Plus Paste Wax:

For those who have a little more time for waxing and detailing, this rub on wax paste provides a shiny finish and a long lasting protective coating. It has an overall consumer rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars after more than 200 reviews and buyers love the mess free application the paste gives them and are pleased with the glossy finish. It comes with a specialized application sponge to help you to get the best possible results.

5. Turtle Wax T-477R Ice Spray Wax:

Produced by another of the world’s best known automotive paint care brands, this product has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating after nearly 180 reviews. The trigger spray bottle makes it quick and easy to apply and many customers have commented on the exceptional dust repellent and water beading that the clear coat gives them. It’s an excellent choice for people looking for a glossy result and protective layer without having to spend hours buffing and polishing.

Here’s Top 5 Best Car Buffers and Polishers To Buy with Reviews (2017)

Life is busy and, to keep up appearances, we need to keep our cars looking their best. A motorized car buffer can help you to keep your paintwork looking its best without hours of elbow grease buffing by hand! Read on to find out more about how a car buffer can give your paintwork the ultimate shine and why you should look into buying one.


Quality car buffers are designed to make life easier for you and to give your car the best possible finish. They have traditionally been the domain of professional detailers but are now readily available to private car enthusiasts, too. After a thorough cleaning and drying process, and with careful use, a car buffer will restore showroom shine to your paintwork.

There are a number of different models on the market, including corded electric buffers and buffers that are fitted over your household drill and powered that way. The buffing action also differs between makes and models and the most common buffer types are Dual Action (DA), orbital or hybrid. The choice you make will depend on personal preference as well as experience. If you’re interested in the advantages that a quality car buffer can give you and tips for shopping for the best model for your particular car, keep reading.


The Perfect Finish, Without the Elbow Grease:
Hand buffing to rid your car of swirls, water marks and scuffing is a time consuming exercise and you have to work very hard to get results. Machine buffing is much faster and will give you glossier paintwork than you could ever get by hand.

Prepare Your Paintwork for the Ultimate Finish:

The key to an excellent finish is proper preparation. By using a car buffer, you’ll easily work out any imperfections and marks on your car’s surface so that, when you apply the polish or wax, you’ll have a flawless look.

Protection From Rust and Other Elemental Damage:

A great aesthetic isn’t the only benefit of buffing. Imperfections in the paint can cause water to pool and cause faster deterioration. By buffing out swirls and other marks before applying protective products, you’ll extend the life of your paintwork.


How Old is Your Car and What Type of Paint Does it Have?

If your paintwork is older or there is serious damage, you’ll need a buffer with stronger action. If your paint is new, look for soft pads which won’t damage the paint work. Most buffers offer variable speeds, a range of pads and clear instructions so that you can customize it to suit your needs.

What Access to Power is Available?

Before purchasing your buffer, it’s worth looking carefully at the space you intend to use it in and assessing the access to power. It would be terrible to buy an appliance and then find the cord wasn’t long enough to get right round the car. Another option is to consider a model that attaches to your household drill, giving you the convenience of cordless operation.

How Much Experience do You Have?

Machine buffing can damage your paintwork if you are inexperienced and overwork one area. If this is your first machine buffer, it’s best to go for something safe and simple. Dual action buffers or orbital buffers are a great option for beginners while hybrid polishers suit the more experienced.

What do Other Customers Say About the Product?

Once you know the particular features you’re looking for, you can start shopping for a car buffer. At this point, reading real reviews from other buyers can help you decide on the reliability, effectiveness and quality of a product. Below, we’ve summarized the reviews of the five highest rated buffers on the current market to help you make the right decision for you.


1. Porter-Cable 7424XP 6 Inch Variable Speed Polisher:

We’ve rated this buffer in first place because, after nearly 500 reviews, it has an overall customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars and more than 75% of customers rate it the full 5 stars. It is a corded model and features variable speeds controlled by an easy to adjust electronic dial, and works with a random orbit polishing action. Thoughtful features such as the adjustable handle for left or right handed users add to its appeal. Reviewers are extremely impressed by the powerful action and the lustrous results they got from this buffer.

2. Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 6″ Random Orbital Polisher:

This buffer comes in a close second because, after well over 100 reviews, it has an average customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars and more than 3 quarters of its users rate it the full 5 stars. Customers who reviewed it said they love the control that the variable speeds give them and appreciate the convenience of the color coded buffing pads which allow them to work through a three stage buffing process. There are options for the power cord length and you can choose a 10 foot or 25 foot cord to meet your needs.

3. Meguiar’s G3500 DA Power System Tool:

This quick and convenient buffer attaches to household electric drills (RPM 1200 – 3500) and works with a dual action buffing system. After nearly 200 reviews, it has an average customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and reviewers are very impressed with the way it can be used for compounding, polishing and waxing. It’s a great choice for beginners as the DA system will not damage paint and the whole process can be completed in around 30 minutes.

4. Carrand 94001AS AutoSpa 10″ Orbital Professional 120 Volt Automotive Polisher:

This powerful buffer operates a 3500 RPM buffing action with its 120 volt motor. It includes a 3 layer foam buffing pad, a polish applicator pad and a microfiber buffing pad for effective 3 stage buffing. After more than 50 reviews, it has an overall customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and most buyers love the simple operation and high quality results.

5. WEN 10PMC 10-Inch Waxer/Polisher in Case with Extra Bonnet:

This popular model is one of the best sellers on Amazon.com and has an average customer rating of 4 out of 5 stars after 250 reviews. It comes with a convenient case for storage and transportation and features a range of easy to change bonnets for washing, application and polishing. It works with an orbital action of 3200 orbits per minute.

10 Best RC Cars You Should Get with Reviews – 2017

radio controlled carsBuyers Guide for 10 Best RC Cars To Purchase in 2017 written by: Hope Favor With the technology advancing at a rapid rate, electronic gadgets are becoming more popular. Radio controlled cars, also known as RC cars, have gained popularity over the years. Even though they have been around for quite some time, the current RC cars are developed with an advanced technological touch. When you are out looking for the best RC cars, you need to be sure to choose one that will last for long enough and serve the user as expected.

It can be daunting to go through the multiple RC cars on the market. Nonetheless, here are some of the top RC car reviews to help you have an easy time when shopping.

Here’s The 10 Best RC Cars To Buy Today – 2017

10. Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro RC Car

Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Radio Controlled Car

Redcat Racing Shockwave (Nitro Version)

This RC car has been designed to run on different platforms, including off-road terrains. It comes with a powerful nitro vertex engine of 2.67cc, along with aluminum capped shocks and composite disc brakes. With these features, this car can go through a rough platform {thanks to the four-wheel capabilities}.

Also, the car needs some professionalism when controlling it mostly because the construction is somewhat delicate. Another downside is that the engine will overheat after a while.

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9. Maisto 1967 Ford Mustang RC Car

Maisto 1967 Ford Mustang RC Car

Maisto 1967 Ford Mustang

The design of this RC car is impressive, and it has been developed for both beginners and professional drivers. It comes with a dashboard design controller with several frequencies. The car has been designed on a scale of 1:24, and it also has some authentic modification and styling.

The controller includes a forward-reverse and left-right steering. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have four AA batteries, two for the controller and two for the vehicle.

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8. Midea Tech Lamborghini Sesto Elemento RC Car

Midea Tech Lamborghini Sesto Elemento radio controlled car

Midea Tech Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

This is one of the top RC cars for children over six years. The design and finish are appealing, though it consumes a lot of power. You will need to purchase five AAA batteries for the vehicle, and a 9V battery for the remote control. Luckily, it is already assembled and ready to run.

The front wheel alignment is adjustable, and the rims are rubber-wrapped. This helps to protect them against damage and boost the overall durability of the tires. The rubber tires also stabilize the car and limit skidding when making corners. The size is on a 1:14 scale.

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7. GPTOYS Luctan S912 RC Car

GPTOYS Luctan S912 RC Car

GPTOYS Luctan S912

This is one of the off-road RC cars you would want to consider purchasing. The design itself is meant for off-road cruising. It comes with a brush 390 motor that can reach a top speed of 33 mph. What’s more, the car is waterproof, which means your kid can enjoy cruising in water and mud without any worries.
The tires are also rugged and skid resistance, which makes the car extra stable at top speed. The S-truck suspension helps to stabilize the control and handling. It can be controlled within 100 meters, which makes it even more enjoyable and easy for your kid. You’ll need to purchase two AA batteries to run the vehicle. It is among the best RC cars for the money, since it performs decently on the tracks.

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6. AMOSTING S911 Monster Truck

AMOSTING S911 Monster RC Truck

AMOSTING S911 Monster Truck

This stands among the top RC cars on the market, thanks to its large size and decent performance. The car runs on a large GP 390 brush motor, and can reach a top speed of 33mph. It features some metal parts that enhances the durability. This way, your kid can cruise off-road and have his truck still in good condition. In addition, the tires are made of rubber, and they have foam inserts that stabilize the vehicle when moving. The vehicle is partially waterproof, meaning that the delicate parts will be protected in the rain or a splash.

Nonetheless, it is important to keep the car clean and dry whenever your kid is done racing. This will help to boost its performance and enhance the durability further. The vehicle features the S-Truck suspension technology for better control and handling when on a rough terrain.

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5. Redcat Racing EPX Drift RC Car

 Redcat Racing EPX Drift RC Car

Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car

This is one of the leading RC Cars developed by Redcat Racing. It has a body size of 1:10, which is a decent size for your child. The vehicle is controlled by a 2.4GHz radio, which runs on 8 AA batteries. Other than that, it comes with oil-filled shocks that are aluminum capped for extra strength. Also, the body is made from high-quality polycarbonate. You can either choose between the three colors, including metallic blue, orange, or black Lamborghini themes. The vehicle is not just strong, but also fast enough.

The drift of the vehicle is notable, and it turns around corners with ease as well. It runs on a 2000mAh battery, which doesn’t last for long enough. Also, this battery takes almost eight hours to charge completely. That is one major drawback of the vehicle. The best part is that it is affordable, and you will not have to set it up once you receive it. Other than that, this vehicle has a top speed of about 23mph, which is not bad for a radio controlled car.

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4. Holy Stone 2962A Lambo Veneno Diecast RC Car

Holy Stone 2962A Lambo Veneno Diecast RC Car

Holy Stone 2962A Lambo Veneno

This radio controlled car comes with an appealing design, along with an elegant performance. The body is made from a strong plastic that delivers the glossy look. It comes in a 1:14 scale size, which is perfect for kids over the age of 6. This car doesn’t come with a turn-off option. Nonetheless, it has the demo mode, which is almost similar to the stand-by mode. When on the demo mode, you can move the vehicle forward, backward, or even turn it to any side. The battery is powerful enough to run for a maximum of 30 minutes on a continuous drive. On the other hand, you will need to charge it for about five hours. The control distance is 30 meters, which is fair enough. You can still purchase extra batteries for better performance and limited interruption.

What makes this vehicle among the best RC cars is that it has a controller with an inbuilt gravity sensor. The controller can turn or move the car in any direction with ease. Also, it is quite responsive, and you will not have difficulty controlling it. It comes with LED rear lights and headlights. The doors open automatically, and it has a unique engine sound.

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3. Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme RC Car

Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme RC Car

Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme

As the name suggests, this is one of the favorite RC cars for an off-road experience. This vehicle will literally go over rocks and rough terrains with ease. It has three motors, which makes it a top performer among other RC cars. These motors help to enhance the functionality of the vehicle. One motor is for steering, while the remaining two are for driving. For that, you can expect the car to cruise any rough terrain easily. Even with the three motors, this RC car is lightweight and easy to operate.

It also has rear and front suspensions for stable control on off-road platforms. Another thing that makes this vehicle among the best is that it can be paired with other Miasto RC cars. The transmitter has three channels that let three people connect to play simultaneously. The vehicle runs on six AA batteries and 3 AAA batteries for the transmitter.

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2. Traxxas Rustler RC Car

 Traxxas Rustler RC Car

Traxxas Rustler RC Car

This is not just a radio controlled car made by a leading company in the industry. It is also one of the leading RC cars for the money. The vehicle comes with a 1:10 scale size, and it has been developed with an advanced touch of technology. Other than that, the Traxxas 7407 RC Car runs on a powerful Velineon 3500 brushless motor. It is also a four-wheel drive car that can go easily through rough terrains. Whether your kid wants to drive it on the pavement or off-road platforms, the car will still deliver its best performance.

It is waterproof, so it can cruise through mud, snow, rain, or water without breaking down. Above all, this beast hits a top speed of 40mph. You can also insert the extra 3-cell power Cell LiPo battery, which reaches a top speed of 60mph. Even though it is expensive, this vehicle is powerful, and can also be controlled by a smartphone.

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1. Midea Tech Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sports RC Car

Midea Tech Bugatti Veyron radio controlled vehicle

Midea Tech Bugatti Veyron

This is a car that has featured in most of the RC car reviews, and it comes with an excellent design and an amazing performance. The color itself is appealing enough, and the car has a 1:14 scale size. The vehicle is easy to control, which is an added advantage. All that is needed for the car to run is to place the batteries, and you will be ready to go. The car has a flat design to go under furniture with ease.

The radio controller is fully-functional, and the car can be moved in any direction. One great feature that will surely amaze your kid is how the car sparks when in reverse. Also, your son can play with it in the house without producing high sounds. It has a minimal sound that is friendly to the house. Since it is flat and low, this car should not be driven outside or on off-road terrains.

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Commonly Asked Questions On RC Cars

What Is The Difference Between Nitro And Electric RC Cars? Which Is The Best?

Electric radio controlled cars depend on batteries to run. The batteries could be inbuilt or the regular replaceable AA or AAA batteries. Also, electric cars will come with either brushless or brushed motors. Brushless motors tend to be more powerful than brushless motors.

On the other hand, nitro RC cars run on fuel that contains nitromethane. Also, the nitro RC cars will have extra components like glow plugs, air filters, carburetors, flywheels, crankshafts, pistons, and clutches. With the nitro engine, they will circulate heat all around the vehicle.

On paper, nitro RC cars tend to overpower the electric engines, mostly because they can cruise for long without running out of power. Nonetheless, the current brushless motors and LiPO batteries that run on electric RC cars have proven to be faster than the nitro RC cars. Though the nitro engine delivers a chilling sound that is unmatched.

Is There A Difference Between A Remote Controlled Car and A Radio Controlled Car?

There is actually no difference between the two. They both are controlled by a wireless controller that transmit its signals via an antenna. However, the radio transmitters will communicate to the cars via radio frequencies. Other than that, there is no any specific difference.

What Do The Numbers 1/10, 1:14, 1/28 Mean?

These are scale sizes of the RC cars in the box compared to the real vehicle. So if the RC car is on a 1:14 or 1/14, it means that the model car in the box is 14 times smaller than the real car. The bigger the denominator {second number}, the smaller the RC vehicle in the box.

Which Is The Best RC Car For A Beginner?

Ideally, you should go for a car that is strong enough to withstand crashes. Also, the best RC car for a beginner is that which has an internal transmission to protect the gears from dirt and damage. For instance, you can go for an electric 1/10 off-road truck that is also easy to control. Take your time to go through the RC car reviews before you decide to buy them.

Does brand matters when buying an RC car?

Yes, you should always go for vehicles from reputable brands. This assures you of the best RC cars, which have an official license by the model car brand {like Lamborghini or Bugatti}. Also, a recognized will have a manual to guide you how to use/assemble the car accordingly. You can also enjoy a return policy from top brands. Whether it is the best RC cars for the money or the cheapest, always ensure that you choose a reliable vehicle.

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A Brief Video On The Difference Between Nitro And Electric RC Cars

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